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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lot's Of Birthdays

Well we have lot's of reason to Celebrate this week Both of my Sisters Birthdays and both of my daughters. My Baby girl will be 21 tomorrow.... and my Sweet April will be 25 the next day.Where does the time go.
My sisters Birthdays are the 8th and 12th lot's going on.
Here are a few cards I made for them.

this is for my sister Crystal

this one for my sister Tammy

This is the top of the box for my 25 year old
the next few are of the inside

And this one is for Blair the 21 year old
Who I might add is ready to Party

someone asked how I make the boxes
I should have posted this when I first posted sorry.
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Mommy Mel said...

Great job - I love them all! Happy birthday to both of your kiddos!

jaffefamilyfun said...

Can you tell me how you made your boxes? Did you cut them out on the cricut or hand cut them?
They look great.

justyolie said...

This is nice! So much detail! :)