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Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to School treat bag

What you will need: Paper to make a gift tag
1 brown lunch bag Ribbon that will match bag
Candy to fill it A foam paint brush
Red and Green Acrylic paint Ribbon that will match bag
Small bit of twine or thin white ribbon Scissors
Two #2 pencils

First thing you need to do is measure down from top about 3 inches. Then cut this into strips. Paint the outside of the lower bag red and the inside and outside of the strips green. Fill bag to top of red with candy (or other gift).
Tie ribbon around bag between red and green and knot. Then tie the 2 pencils one facing each way and tie a bow. Make your tag then print and cut it (I used layers not print and cut) then tie it on with the thin ribbon or twine.

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