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Friday, April 9, 2010

What can you make with "Make The Cut"

In light of Provo Craft getting their panties in a wad and filing a lawsuit against
for something I personally think is a load of you know what.
I have desided to use Make The Cut and show the crafting world what Make The Cut can do
So without further ado here it is

yes each brick was chalked by hand and then glued on took forever!

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christina said...

Nice LO! Have been going back and forth on make the cut and sure cuts alot. Need to make my mind up and get on with

HeidiK said...

That is absolutely adorable! tfs!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely amazing! I love this layout, your hard work shows. I think that PC and MTC and SCAL need to just learn to ge along, it enhances the original program and really if you look into it, people with the programs still buy carts so I don't know why PC has issues. Anyhow, Thanks for showing what can be done, it is inspiring to those of us who own a program bur are not there yet with our skills to make things like this.

Elizabeth said...

I adore this LO, you are sooo talented and amazing, thanks for sharing your creativity.

fontjunkie said...

Amazing Layout!!!