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Please note a lot of my older files have been removed. I'm sorry but I will not be re-releasing them. They are gone forever.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I guess I am another one

Well time has come that I will no longer offer free files
on my blog I was. Trying to share but some how I got a hold of a file I did know was one someone was selling Trish again I am very sorry I had it in a file with no info on it.
But to save face I will no longer offer cut files on my blogI have also removed all the 4shared
file links
Please visit Trish at
Little Scraps Of Heaven
She has some of the cutest stuff
now that I went and had a look!
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motcm said...

So sorry to hear that you are not offering stuff anymore. I appreciate all you have done in the past. Thank you, Rosie

poohbear said...

I am sorry to hear that you are not offering your free cutting files. I love your work. I do appreciate everything you have done in the past. Take care and thank you, marcia

b8y2005 said...

This is so horrible, I can't believe it's come to this. I am so sorry that you've suffered from this which makes you stop doing something you and so many love. I will miss your wonderful cuts what a shame over one file.
Your in my thoughts.

lovemypaper said...

I am sorry to here that to. You do such good work thank for all the cuts that you have done.

happy2scrap56 said...

Beanie, oh no! Please dont stop.It was a mistake and no one is perfect! Don't stop sharing, please

Lola said...

I am so sorry to hear that. It was obviously an honest mistake. I left you something on my blog (before this announcement LOL!) but you still deserve it!

Nanna said...

Sorry to hear that. I really enjoyed your work. I was hoping 2011 would be a better year, but so far that has not proven true.
I'm afraid that we are going to lose so many talented artist such as you. Why are people so intent on making others suffer?
Please reconsider offering your files. We will miss your files.
I WILL continue to follw your blog though either way.

Rachell said...

Oh so sorryto hear this Beanie, your work is wonderful.

Nelda said...

Beanie, you put a lot of work into your files and you have always been so generous. So sorry to see that this has happened to you.

Christy said...

I'm sorry Beanie. Are you SURE thos efiles are actually copyrighted? I'd call the copyright office and make sure because several of those files look awfully familar to me from coloring pages. not all but some sure do. said...

Beanie, I don't remember ever? taking on of your files, I wish I had. Lovely work!
So sorry you encounter this situation. Don't be so hard on yourself, don't allow this to stop you from creating and sharing!
PS love your LO submission to the team!

Sue said...

I am sorry there are so many mean people in this world. All this fuss over crafting. I don't understand it. I am sure if this person pointed out that you made an error you would have corrected it. Please keep creating and sharing you are an inspiration to all of us. It was kind of you to share your files. Crafting is suppose to be about sharing caring fun relaxing and good friends. You have my support.

anncoralsprings said...

I really hate to see this happen to you. You have been so generous in sharing your talent and your files and knowledge. I am so sorry you have stopped file sharing, but am so grateful for all you have shared and how you help everyone. God bless!
Ann (from MTC forum)

Jega said...

I am so sorry Beanie. I can't believe this. Why is somebody trying to ruin a good thing. People on the forum all share files that we have put hours into making. I don't share much. I am not good enough yet. But I have share a few that I made from something I saw and created the file myself for a card. I never shared the file because I was scared they would say I stole it when in fact it was just the idea I used. It's a sad day when we are afraid to share.

idagal said...

I just cant believe you would ever do any thing like this intentionaly. You have been so wonderful, with every thing you have shared and you have taught me so much. I just think you and another person That is going through the same thing have been targeted,. I wish you would rethink all of this like she did, and continue to share what you love,
Thank you for all that you have shared, including your heart to us all.Praying for you to be able to resolve this very quickly

Anonymous said...

same thing happened to me. I took down a lot of my files as well. I was seeing my files getting downloaded over 300x's and only had 3 or 4 comments posted about it. Everyone loves to take the free files but the majority don't even say thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Beanie... I am so sorry... I didn't know. I love your work and hope that you will re-consider sharing your work with others. Keep you chin up sweetie!

b8y2005 said...

I'm am so very upset about this that I'm going to post again =o(. This was a honest mistake PERIOD that's it. I use to buy weekly from Scraps of Heaven NOT ANY MORE! I believe that Americans should stand up for what they believe in, and I believe you wouldn't have done this maliciously. I am very upset that she would decide to make such a huge deal over this. I do truly hope you start posting again don’t let someone’s big man (woman) complex stop you from doing what you love to do (create, share, and make many people happy). This was such a big deal to me because I knew it was bothering you, that my husband and I had a long discussion over it last night. We decided that boycotting was my AMERICAN RIGHT, so that is what I am doing. SHAME ON YOU TRICIA MOORE! If she makes an apology on your blog then I will buy from her again but not until then. I am sorry again.

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