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Monday, July 26, 2010

Something A Little DIfferent

One of my clients daughters is having her first baby. I am super excited for them she in a nurse and he a Doctor so I wanted something that would be nice but I am sure they have a theme they are doing.
So I made them a diaper cake
It was my first try at making one so
I am not sure if I did it right but I am happy with the way it turned out. I am going to add a rubber duck (need to buy) and 2 blankets as well
but other than that it is done

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Heidi said...

How cute! I haven't done one yet either...waiting for someone to have a baby! LOL. Love you cute cut and how it turned out also. :-)

Melissa S said...

I think it turned out fabulous!! I love making diaper cakes. I've posted pictures of three of the ones I've made on my blog.

KathyB said...

Love how it turned out Beanie! Nice to see some of your cute animal files in there!

KathyB said...

Great job Beanie! Loved how this turned out and seeing some of your adorable animal cuts in there!

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

Came out very cute, I am sure they will love it. Congrats to them!

happy2scrap56 said...

you did a great job.
Linda (crew4) mtc