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Saturday, March 12, 2011


As many of us knew Provo Craft had filed a lawsuit against Make The Cut and Sure Cuts A Lot.
I believe both companies have settled
I would like to tell everyone at this point do not update either program or your cricut firmware
use it as it is for now.
I will be selling off all my PC products 
2 cricut Expressions
and 22 cartridges.
I will sell them as bundles both E's work wonderful but they are used one only since Christmas 
and the other about 2 years with never a problem
you can read some discussion here about the suit
but keep in mind this is speculation at this point as we have not
had any official word.
I would encourage you all to check out other cutters that will work with the
Make The Cut
software as it is the best on the market today
I know that
Black Cat
eCraft (in bata testing)
are just a few of the many that work.
Please support Andy & Ann (MTC) and Todd (SCAL)
and buy products that stand buy the companies we love!

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LUV2SCRAP said...

Wow that is so sad. Me personally I can't keep up with PC and their prices :( I love my SCAL but still try to buy carts by PC. I would think that such a big company and a good on would want their consumers to use their product as much as they can with what they can afford especailly in this industry but I guess not. Not sure what to do now :/

2KutiesGrandma said...

All of my Cricut (er, more properly Crapcut) products will be finding new homes - and Provocraft will never see a penny of my money again. I was a happy MTC and SCAL user - that is, until today. I also own an Expression, a Gypsy, more cartridges than I care to count, and Cricut Design Studio. I'm even a Cricut Circle member - but NO MORE. How dare they tell try to tell me what I can and cannot do with my cutter!!!

thescrapmaster said...

Wow, PC is unbelievable, huh?


Lora said...

Just wondering about the comment that both companies have settled? I saw the info about SCAL somewhere myself but can't remember where.

Ruthie said...

Good for you....I have the ecraft and it works great with having a blast. I have very limited crafting time and having this software means I can use this time to the fullest! I take my little laptop with me to create on, then just plug in and cut when I get home!

Bleurgh to PC!!!

Linda said...

Beanie, love your blog and your files.
Could you please check my blog and comment? I would love your opinion.